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博天堂旗舰厅首页教育者评价和T-TESS有很多问题. This collection of resources 和 trainings attempts to answer the biggest questions.


德克萨斯州教师评价和支持系统 is intended to capture the holistic nature of teaching by offering a constant feedback loop between teachers 和 students. 每个领域都关注两位教师 学生,而不是把他们分开. 的 goal of T-TESS is to help teachers develop habits based on this constant feedback loop. You should be engaged in an ongoing dialogue 和 collaboration with appraisers.


  • 目标设定及专业发展计划(GSPD)
  • 的 Evaluation Cycle (pre-conference, observation, post-conference)
  • 学生增长措施


作为一个教育家, you will conduct a self-assessment to draft goals 和 a professional development plan. 这个过程旨在帮助您:

  • 反思你目前的专业实践
  • 确定你的职业发展目标
  • 制定你的职业发展计划来实现这些目标
  • 记录一年中你朝着目标前进的过程


Prior to your end-of-year conference or at the beginning of the school year, 如果你是新来的, independently review data 和 reflect on your professional practice, 包括审查域, 维, 和描述符 T-TESS标题. You will formulate targeted goals on the Teacher Self-Assessment 和 Goal Setting Form. 的n, we recommend you schedule an in-person Goal Setting Conference with your appraiser.

在上学的第三周, discuss your vision for professional growth with your appraiser in the Goal Setting Conference. Specify the kinds of support you want your appraiser to provide in order to help you meet your goals. Identify milestones that will help you 和 your appraiser know you’re on track toward your goals. 明确表明你已经达到目标的证据. 在目标设定会议结束时, 你和你的评估师应该就你的目标达成一致并签字.

在这一年里,定期监控你朝着目标的进展. Discuss your progress toward your goals with your appraiser 和 modify your goals if necessary. Ask for 和 obtain additional supports from your appraiser if needed.

在年底的时候,与你的评估师讨论你的进展. 庆祝你的成长! 记录你的经验教训. 年终会议之后, your appraiser will include your self-assessment as 10% of the overall T-TESS rating. 的 Teacher Self-Assessment 和 Goal Setting Form helps you document your goals 和 professional development as evidence of your success.



A growth plan can be issued to a teacher any time an administrator determines a need for improvement. 的 rules regarding T-TESS do not specify when a growth plan should be implemented. We would hope that before an administrator puts a teacher on a growth plan, there would have been conferences 和 written documentation showing concern with the teacher’s performance. (注:这将是一个很好的实践,但不是必需的.) If a teacher fails to comply with a growth plan, that refusal could be grounds for non-renewal.


是的, 你可以要求延期, 但如果鉴定人觉得没有必要推迟的话, 然后评估可以按计划进行.


是的, 你的缺勤可能对你不利, but only if district policy applies: “An employee found to have abused the leave policies shall be subject to disciplinary action, 直到并包括终止.”

Are there restrictions on when a formal observation can be scheduled?

Your district must establish a calendar for teacher appraisals 和 provide that calendar to teachers within three weeks from the first day of instruction. 的 appraisal period for each teacher must include all the days of the teacher’s contract.

Observations during the appraisal period must be conducted during the required days of instruction for students during one school year.


  • Exclude observations in the first two weeks of school 和 the two weeks after the day of completion of the T-TESS orientation for new teachers in the school years when an orientation is required.
  • Indicate a period for end-of-year conferences that ends no later than 15 working days before the last day of instruction.

我认为我的观察或评价是不公平的. 我能做些什么?

你有几个不同的选择. You have a right to respond in writing to any documentation that you receive. Your written response must be given to the appraiser within 10 working days of receiving the initial documentation.

另外, you can submit a written response to the Observation Summary you receive 和/or the Summative Annual Report at the end of the year. You can request a second appraisal from another appraiser within 10 working days of receiving your Observation Summary. 的 second appraiser will conduct another formal observation 和 conduct necessary walk-throughs in order to properly score Domains I, II, 和第三. 注意:在收到你的年终总结年度报告之后, 您可以为域名IV请求第二次评估.

我有一个不好的评价. Can administrators ask me to resign or decide not to renew my contract?

的 decision to non-renew a term contract employee comes with the right to appeal the decision. To find the criteria for deciding to non-renew a term contract, go to your district policy. If you’re on a probationary contract, you do not have the right to appeal the decision. 建议你辞职,而不是不续聘.



For the most up-to-date information on teacher evaluations, use these resources from TEA:


德州AFT T-TESS论坛 is a Facebook group that serves as a place for teachers being evaluated under the T-TESS system to share ideas 和 concerns, 并获取有关评估系统的信息. 请加入我们的谈话!


博天堂旗舰厅娱乐’s 桥梁研究所 regularly hosts trainings 和 webinars related to professional development 和 T-TESS. 要了解即将到来的活动和培训,请访问 桥梁研究所网站.



如果您有任何问题或顾虑,请联系您的 当地的工会. 如果你是 准会员资格的程序,请联系  安保服务部门.